An Equal Opportunity Employer

About Us

A Message From Lois

Lois KreagerIt has been an honor and privilege to be the owner and president of one of the most successful and enduring DBE’s in Michigan history.  Our success is rooted in our dedicated employees and our collective determination to perform the highest quality work in a timely manner.

Who We Are

Lois Kay Contracting Company was established in April of 1980 by Lois Kreager.  Having a strong background in the paving business gave Lois the idea to expand her expertise into the unknown sphere of working on MDOT projects as a WBE.  The program was in its’ infancy, so the challenges were many and the learning curve was well used.  With her family by her side, as the core of the company, she was able to get Lois Kay Contracting not only up and running, but flourishing.  Over the years, the road construction industry has been very competitive and seen the effects of the economic highs and lows.  Lois Kay has endured many transitions and changes in procedure, learning how to adapt through adversity.

Throughout it all, the cornerstone of Lois Kay Contracting was the determination and a commitment to excellence to provide our customers with a quality product and successful project completion. The Lois Kay team consists of many individuals with varying jobs, but working towards a common goal under constantly changing conditions makes us more like family than mere co-workers.  Family still and will always play a key role in the business dynamic, with four generations being involved as well as a wonderful group of loyal employees who have been with us for a very long time.  During the nearly 35 years of operations, it was the mutual pride and commitment between company and staff that kept Lois Kay going during rough economic times.  Our employees are one of our largest assets and without them we would not be able to accomplish all that we do each season.

The drive to succeed and the integrity of our crews has helped Lois Kay Contracting build the reputation we have today.  As we look toward the future, Lois Kay Contracting is determined to continue to uphold the values that the company was founded upon; hard work, honesty, integrity, and a quality product.

Lois Kay Contracting is an equal opportunity employer.